Welcome to Wrens Invercargill.

Visit us at: 65 Yarrow street, Invercargill
Phone: 03 214 4079
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20 hours ago

30% off wallpaper at Wrens?

You must think we’re joking, but we’re not! Plus with clearance wallpaper at such outrageous prices, you’d be silly not to come into 65 Yarrow ASAP!

3 days ago

On now 30% Off selected wallpapers in stock and wallpaper books.
We are open today 9am - 3pm
Wrens, 65 Yarrow Street.

5 days ago

What piece in this display is your favourite?

We can’t choose whether we love the clock or the wallpaper - either way we know we love a statement piece and there’s plenty of stunning statements ... See more

6 days ago

The vote is with you! Which print would you rather have in your home?

All 3 in store now

1 week ago

You know what we love - dogs!

Dogs door stops, reuseable bags, and a cute French tapestry Bulldog makeup bag. All so practical, all so perfect, and all with our little doggy friends on it.

We are ... See more

1 week ago
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Baby, it’s cold outside 🥶

But just cause it’s cold, doesn’t mean your bed can’t look oh so inviting for you to crawl into.

We have our latest drop of Bianca Lorrenne goodies in store now

2 weeks ago

On now at Wrens Invercargill,
65 Yarrow Street (next to Brownies)

30% Off selected wallpaper books and wallpapers in store.

2 weeks ago

The earth is always spinning!

An amazing piece that will have you searching for where to venture to next 🌏

2 weeks ago

It’s the perfect time to rug up warm! This is just a small selection of what throws and blankets we have in store at the moment, so best to pop in and grab something to keep you toasty!

3 weeks ago

The weather is gross outside so why not come in and see us tomorrow between 9 and 3 and find something to take a damper off the long weekend?

We are open tomorrow, but closed on Monday!